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Running BulldogNew to UGA? Are you prepared for emergencies? Find out by visiting our Orientation site.

Only 10 Minutes to Prepare for an Emergency

UGA AED locations

Automated External Defibrillator - AED & Evacuation Chair Locations

As you travel around campus, have you wondered where the nearest tornado shelter area would be in the building in which you work or visit? How about where to go in case of a fire? Soon, this information will be located in many buildings on campus in the form of an emergency poster or a podium card. These new resources developed by the Office of Emergency Preparedness can provide quick instructions on what to do in a variety of emergencies such as severe weather, fire, a chemical spill, active shooters or medical emergencies. Each poster and podium card have building specific information in the lower right corner which will tell occupants where to shelter in case of severe weather or where the fire evacuation location is for that particular building. If you would like more information about these resources, or if you would like to have them installed in your building, contact Noelle Broadnax.

Spread the word, not the flu


UGAAlert allows you to receive emergency messages on multiple devices. To register, you must have a valid UGA MyID.

•Have you programmed the UGAAlert number, 706-542-0111, into your cell phone?

•Did you know the UGAAlertmessages are also posted to four Twitter feeds (@ugaalert, @UGAEVENTS, @universityofga, @UGAOEP) and to OEP's Facebook page.

In case of an ACTIVE SHOOTER on campus, hide/barricade is only one option. Watch the Plan, Prepare, React: Active Shooter Response Options for Institutes of Higher Education video for more options.