AED – Replacement Pads, Battery, etc.

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AED Replacement Pads, Battery, or Medical Direction: 

AED Coordinators: To order replacement pads or batteries from Cintas for Defibtech Reviver or Reviver View AEDs via purchase card or e-check, please log into LifeREADY and select the Order Form tab.

To order replace pads or batteries via UGAMart from Cintas, please complete the CINTAS-UGA Order Form and place a non-catalog order in UGAMart selecting CINTAS – UGA Fire Protection Division as the vendor. List which item you are ordering in the item description.  The order form will be attached as an external document.

Pads and batteries can be order from other vendors. Please verify that the pads/battery will work with the AED.

Please email the Office of Emergency Preparedness with any questions.