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Emergency Procedures – Disabilities

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UGA OEP encourages proactive planning by the entire University community for emergency situations. It  is recommended that any person with a disability who needs assistance alerting, evacuation and sheltering in the event of emergency self-identify and compete an emergency assistance referral form (EARF). This will assist OEP and other appropriate UGA departments with the development of a personal emergency plan for the individual with a disability. Emergency Assistance Referral Forms for Students, Faculty, Staff and Visitors are available to help identify and support those with a disability who may need assistance during an emergency.

Evacuating People with Disabilities

  • Visually Impaired Persons – Announce the type of emergency, offer your arm for guidance, tell the person where you are going, and ask if further help is needed once you reach safety.
  • People with Hearing Limitations – Turn lights on/off to gain the person’s attention, or indicate directions with gestures or write a note with   evacuation directions, and assist to safety as needed.
  • People Using Crutches, Canes or Walkers – Evacuate these individuals as injured persons, assist and accompany to the evacuation site if possible, or use a sturdy chair (or one with wheels) to move the person, or help carry the individual to safety.
  • Wheelchair Users – Check with the individual on their preference, determine if an evacuation chair is available, remove any immediate dangers, immediately advise arriving first responders of special evacuation cases. Map of Evacuation Chairs on the UGA Main Campus.