Emergency – What to do

icon active shooter

Active Shooter – Active Threat

Notify the UGA Police at 911 immediately. Take the necessary precautions and actions to protect your well-being. DO NOT pull the fire alarm to alert others of an active shooter or active threat. Flee the area if you are able to do so safely and avoid danger. If flight is ...
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After the Emergency

Workplace Injury/Illness  Make sure the injured person has received appropriate medical care Call UGA Police and EMS for any injuries that require immediate medical attention Notify the injured person’s immediate supervisor to file appropriate reports Building Damages Call UGA Facilities Management Division at (706) 542-7456 Notify the UGA Police after ...
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icon for AED

Automated External Defibrillator- AEDs

An automated external defibrillator (AED) is a small, portable device that analyzes the heart's rhythm for any abnormalities and, if necessary, directs the rescuer to deliver an electrical shock to the heart of someone suffering from sudden cardiac arrest. This shock, called defibrillation, may help the heart to reestablish an ...
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icon for bomb threat

Bomb Threat

Most bomb threats are received by phone. Act quickly, but remain calm and obtain as much information as possible from the caller. Where is the bomb located? (Building, Floor, Room, etc.) When will it go off? What does it look like? What kind of bomb is it? What will make it to ...
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icon for chemical spill

Chemical Spill

Notify the UGA Police at  911 immediately. Do not attempt to clean up the spill. Remove yourself and others from the area. Cordon off the area and do not let others enter the area. If anyone had contact with the hazardous material, they should be isolated and await treatment by ...
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icon for civil dispute

Civil Disturbance/ Demonstration

Notify the UGA Police at 911 immediately. Notify your supervisor, professor, building representative or Dean, as appropriate. Remain calm and wait for instructions from the UGA Police. Do not attempt to negotiate with the crowd unless directed by the UGA Police. Do not attempt to conduct crowd control measures or ...
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icon for earthquake


DROP/COVER/HOLD Take cover immediately under a desk, chair or table for shelter. Seek shelter between seating rows in a lecture hall or against a corridor wall if in a hallway. Do not run outside during the shaking or use the stairways or elevators. If outside, move to an open area, away ...
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icon for emergency contacts

Emergency Contacts

The UGA Police Department is the primary contact for all campus emergencies. Emergency (UGA Police)  911 UGA Police - Emergency - Hearing Impaired (706) 542-1888 UGA Police - Non-Emergency (706) 542-2200 UGA Dean of Students/ BARC (706) 542-7774 UGA Environmental Safety Division (706) 542-5801 UGA Facilities Management Work Order Desk ...
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Emergency Notification

The following methods may be used to notify the campus community of various emergency events that may impact students, staff, faculty and visitors on the UGA campus. UGAAlert – UGA’s emergency mass notification system (www.ugaalert.uga.edu) – Program (706) 542-0111 into your cell phone as “UGAAlert” to recognize calls from UGAAlert. UGAAlert Desktop ...
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Emergency Preparedness Module link

Emergency Preparedness in 10 Minutes

Emergency Preparedness is Everyone’s Responsibility. The UGA Office of Emergency Preparedness (OEP) certainly recognizes this fact and developed a brief online interactive learning module with a campus community sense of preparedness in mind. The module’s intent is to assist in preparing students, faculty, staff, parents and visitors to be ready ...
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disability icon

Emergency Procedures – Disabilities

UGA OEP encourages proactive planning by the entire University community for emergency situations. It  is recommended that any person with a disability who needs assistance alerting, evacuation and sheltering in the event of emergency self-identify and compete an emergency assistance referral form (EARF). This will assist OEP and other appropriate ...
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icon for fire evacuation


Evacuate the building immediately (When the fire alarm is activated, evacuation is mandatory). Notify the UGA Police at  911 immediately. Notify others as you leave. Do not use the elevators. Always use the stairs to exit upper floors and if smoke is present, stay low. Take your personal belongings (purse, ...
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icon for medical emergency

Medical Emergency

Notify the UGA Police at  911 immediately. Provide the emergency dispatcher with your name, location, a number of people injured, and a description of the medical emergency. Stay on the phone for instructions of how you can assist. Send a responsible person to meet first responders outside of the building ...
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icon for preparedness

Preparing for Emergencies

In larger emergencies that may impact the entire campus and/or community, first responders may not be able to reach you immediately. As a result, there are several simple steps that you can take to be prepared to handle emergencies on your own. In order to be prepared, you should: Know what emergencies can impact ...
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Stop the Bleed

As a part of a national initiative, the University of Georgia Office of Emergency Preparedness (OEP) is coordinating campus efforts to help “Stop the Bleed.” “Stop the Bleed” is a nationwide campaign to empower individuals to act quickly and save lives. No matter how rapid the arrival of professional emergency ...
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icon for student crisis

Student Crisis Response

If you are in contact with a student who appears to be an immediate threat to his or her own safety or that of others, please call 911. Crisis situations include: Stated intention to commit suicide or inflict serious harm to self Stated intention or obvious behavior indicating an imminent ...
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icon for suspicious package

Suspicious Package

Do not open the suspicious item. If you have opened it, remain calm. Notify the UGA Police at 911 immediately. Do not move the letter or package or examine it further. Keep others out of the area. Close off the area if possible. If possible, limit the use of two-way ...
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icon for severe weather

Tornado/ Severe Weather

A tornado watch is issued by the National Weather Service when tornadoes are possible in the area. A tornado warning is issued when a  tornado has been sighted, or indicated by weather radar, in the area. Monitor local TV stations, radio stations, NOAA weather radio, weather related Websites, etc., for ...
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icon for utility failure

Utility Failure

Immediately report utility failures during regular work hours (Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.) to the Facilities Management Work Order Desk at (706) 542-7456. Immediately report utility failures after regular work hours, on weekends, and on holidays to the UGA Police at (706) 542-2200. Gas Leaks: Evacuate the ...
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icon for winter weather

Winter Storm

During periods of inclement winter weather, UGA follows a set procedure for announcing operational changes. By policy, the university makes one of three announcements: UGA is open and operating on a regular schedule; UGA is closed; or UGA will delay opening until a specific time. An all-campus email through ArchNews ...
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