Kassinger Scholarship

This scholarship is administered and maintained by the Office of Emergency Preparedness.

The award is named for Edward Kassinger, Director of the Public Safety Division from 1969-1983, and his late wife, Sarah. The award was established in 1984 by former employees and friends of the Kassingers who believe that students who work to help pay educational expenses should be recognized. This is a cash award and students are eligible for the award even if receiving funds from the HOPE Scholarship or Tuition Assistance Program. The recipient(s) must meet the application requirements listed below. Annually, the Edward T. and Sarah Laurent Kassinger Scholarship Award is given to a graduate and/or undergraduate student employed by the UGA Police Department, the Office of Security and Emergency Preparedness, or a working student in the Criminal Justice Studies Program. These students must be working on a full-time basis while pursuing academic degrees to be eligible for the award.

Kassinger Scholarship Board Members

Asa T. Boynton – Board Chairman, Edward T. Kassinger, Jr., Karen Kassinger, Helen M. Cashon, Mitch F. Jones, June M. Oliver, Steven D. Harris

Scholarship Recipients 1987 – current

J. Douglas Nelson, Jr. – Undergraduate 1987
Lisa A. Ramazzotti – Undergraduate 1987
Ralph Delgiorno – Graduate 1988
Pattie J. Williams – Undergraduate 1988
Fred W. Greer, III – Graduate 1990
Travis A. Bryan – Undergraduate 1990
M. Shaun Deal – Graduate 1991
Mitchell F. Jones – Graduate 1991
Kimberly A. Johnson – Graduate 1992
William R. Bray, IV- Graduate 1994
Lara M. Rupert- Undergraduate 1994
Danella Y. Carter- Graduate 1997
Richard C. Mueller- Graduate 1997
Jeffrey M. Strickland – Graduate 1999
Charlie H. Wade – Graduate 2000
Ellen Strickland – Undergraduate 2000
Christopher W. Malarney – Graduate 2001
William Gray – Graduate 2002
Enoch Varner – Undergraduate 2005
Philip Potter – Graduate 2006
Michael Crespo – Graduate 2006
Wesley Huff – Graduate 2007
Eric Dellinger – Graduate 2011
Thomas McDaniel – Graduate 2011
Justin Gregory – Graduate 2012
Lance Tipton – Undergraduate 2013
Dr. John Newton – Graduate 2013
Adam Fouch – Graduate 2014
Heather Perry – Undergraduate 2015
David Ian – Undergraduate 2016
Davis Russell – Graduate 2016
Allan Krish – Undergraduate 2017

Application Process:

Annually, the Edward T. and Sarah Laurent Kassinger Scholarship Award is given to a graduate and an undergraduate student employed by the UGA Police Department, the Office of Emergency Preparedness, or a working student in the Criminal Justice Studies Program.

The award is given after a candidate has graduated. The scholarship award will be based on the selection by a committee to be chaired by the Director of the Office of Security and Emergency Preparedness, the UGA Chief of Police, the Director for the Criminal Justice Program, and the Director for Auxiliary Services. The above committee will review the applications and provide at least one but no more than three candidates to the Kassinger Board for selection. Students interested in applying, should complete the necessary paperwork and forward it to: The University Office of Emergency Preparedness, Hodgson Oil Building – Suite 200 South, 286 Oconee Street, Athens, Georgia 30602-1977

The next time period for applying for this scholarship will be March-June 2015 (see schedule below).

Application Requirements:

APPLICATIONS (download here) FOR THE AWARD should be submitted using the time-table below. Send application and supporting documents to:

  1. Applicants must be employed by either by the UGA Police Department or the UGA Office of Emergency Preparedness or be a current student in the UGA Criminal Justice Program. Recipients of the award must have been employed continuously full-time for a minimum of one year at the time of applying for the Award. Specific application requirements are noted in the Perpetual Fund Agreement (available by request).
  2. A criminal background check is required as part of the Fund application process for students in the Criminal Justice Program, at no cost to the applicant. (Applicants with the UGA Police Department and the UGA Office of Emergency Preparedness are exempt from background checks related to the Award application process, as these applicants have previously undergone a background check as part of the pre-employment requirement)
  3. Undergraduate and graduate students must possess a grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 or better. The minimum 3.0 GPA is required regardless of discipline.
  4. A letter must be submitted to the Fund custodian from the employee’s supervisor indicating “above-average” performance.
  5. The employee must be a candidate for graduation (or graduated) at the time the application is made. Course work must be completed in time for graduation. Under certain circumstances an extension may be granted with Board approval.
  6. The worth of the applicant’s employment, while participating in an academic program at the University of Georgia, must be expressed in the application.
  7. A letter from the applicant indicating what the scholarship means to him/her.
  8. Applicants must submit a certified copy of their transcript, verifying their status as a graduating student (or graduated) at an accredited college or university.
  9. Applicants must submit a wallet-size (2” x 4”) photo with their application.
  10. A letter of recommendation from a faculty member in the applicant’s major subjects must be submitted.

Please submit all the required documents to:

  • The Office of Emergency Preparedness
    Hodgson Oil Building, Suite 200 South
    286 Oconee Street
    Athens, GA 30602

The Fund will be administered through the UGA Office of Emergency Preparedness.

Applications will be open in March – June of each year, with any awards given in the summer of that year, contingent upon available Award funds. Guidelines for the application/award dates are illustrated in Exhibit A. using UGA graduation schedules (note: eligibility for online graduation dates or other institution’s graduation dates will adhere closest to UGA’s graduation schedules). Future award years will follow this date pattern.

Exhibit A.

Date Eligible to Apply For Graduation Date of: Award Date
May 1 – June 30, 2018 Aug. 2017, Dec. 2017
May 2018
Summer 2018
May 1 – June 30, 2019 Aug. 2018, Dec. 2018
May 2019
Summer 2019

Contribution Instructions

Contributions to this scholarship fund enable the fund to recognize and reward those who are willing to be gainfully employed while achieving academic goals. The Edward T. and Sarah Laurent Kassinger Scholarship is a tax-exempt fund. Please reference the fund number 30790020 when submitting a contribution.

Your support of this fund in most appreciated.

  1. By Check: Make check payable to:
    • The UGA Foundation
      Mail check to: Gift Accounting
      394 South Milledge Ave. – Suite 100
      Athens, Georgia 30602
  2. By Credit Card.
  3. By UGA Payroll Deduction.