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The phone number reflected on your caller ID for voice phone calls will be 706-542-0111. You should program this number into your phone so it will immediately be recognized as an urgent call.

The phone number 23177 will show up in your caller ID for SMS text messages from UGAAlert.

The University of Georgia encourages all students, faculty and staff to update their emergency contact number(s) in UGAAlert, the University’s primary emergency notification system. Although college campuses are usually safe places, emergencies and disasters do occur. UGA is committed to keeping the campus community as safe as possible through effective communication prior to, during and following emergencies. UGAAlert allows students, faculty and staff to receive emergency messages on multiple devices. Individuals may identify as many as three phone numbers and two email addresses for receiving emergency notifications. Both voice and text messages can be sent to cell phones. To register, opt-in/out, or update your information, a valid UGA MyID is required. Registration, or updating your information, is simple and straightforward. For more information, frequently asked questions, to register, opt-in/out or update your information, visit and follow the instructions. To view the UGA policy on the UGAAlert visit the Finance and Administration’s Policy Library,

Other than periodic tests, this system will only be used for emergencies requiring immediate action on the part of the UGA community. A list of frequently asked questions is available at the UGAAlert Login Website. For other questions, please contact the Office of Emergency Preparedness or 706-542-5845.

View a one-minute, 50’s style, Public Service Announcement for UGAAlert, “Be UGAAlert Video.”The video was produced by Mark Jordan with UGA Enterprise Information Technology Services.