Business Continuity Plan (BCP) Checklist

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The following checklist identifies specific activities and suggestions to help departments in their continuity of operations planning efforts in order to resume departmental operations as quickly and efficiently as possible during and after an emergency that interrupts operations.

Impact of Services: Plan for the impact of departmental services:

  • Assign a departmental BCP coordinator with the following duties:
  1. Coordinate the development of the departmental Business Continuity Plan
  2. Act as liaison between various departmental and university units
  3. Coordinate departmental efforts during recovery
  • Assign an alternate BCP coordinator to serve as a backup and assist the BCP coordinator
  • Consider assembling an internal departmental continuity committee to gain input regarding the development of the BCP Plan.  Some individuals you may want to consider include your department head, assistant department head, an IT professional, and a representative from your department’s human resources or business services.

Contact Information

  • Plan for a notification method for contacting departmental employees, university units, vendors, students, as well as other contacts needed to continue departmental operations. For example, use a phone tree, create a departmental contact list, develop an email list-serve.

Mission Critical Departmental Functions/Services

  • Determine which departmental functions are mission critical. Decide which processes need to be maintained or restored first to keep the departmental services and functions running. Then prioritize these services.
  • Determine an alternate recovery process for temporary recovery and for normal recovery
  • Determine the impact should there be a loss of essential/critical departmental functions/services/processes. Also, consider both monetary and non-monetary outcomes. These should be measured with respect to safety, compliance, property loss, fines, legal, and loss of critical services.

Data and Technology Needs

  • Develop a technology plan to determine which mission critical data and technology components (both hardware and software) would be needed to recover documents, information, and research in the event of disruption of services. (Refer to UGA  Information Security’s link: for more information.)
  • Assess how quickly and accurately services can be restored. Perform a data recovery test, if possible.
  • Determine the effectiveness of the department’s data backup policies and procedures and who is responsible for maintenance of this documentation.

Develop the Departmental Business Continuity Plan

  • Determine necessary resources, facility and infrastructure requirements, as well as equipment and supplies needed for recovery of  mission critical departmental services and functions

Communicate the Plan

  • Provide access to the BCP to appropriate personnel. Be sure to also share evacuation and shelter-in-place procedures with department employees and students.

Test and Maintain the Plan

  • Test the BCP upon completion and update it annually to ensure information is accurate. Be sure that any sensitive information in the BCP is securely stored.