Emergency Notification

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The following methods may be used to notify the campus community of various emergency events that may impact students, staff, faculty and visitors on the UGA campus.

  • UGAAlert – UGA’s emergency mass notification system (www.ugaalert.uga.edu) – Program (706) 542-0111 into your cell phone as “UGAAlert” to recognize calls from UGAAlert.
  • UGAAlert Desktop (https://eits.uga.edu/hardware_and_software/software/) scrolls across computers connected to the UGA network whenever the UGAAlert system is activated.
  • UGA Home Page – (www.uga.edu) UGA’s official website for weather closings and emergency event information updates.
  • Campus Outdoor Warning Sirens Four campus sirens activated by Athens-Clarke County during tornado warnings for the county.
  • UGA Cablevision Emergency Screen Capture – Emergency messages will be displayed on the tv screens on all University controlled tv stations.
  • UGA Arch News – (archnews@uga.edu) E-mail notification method for crime updates and inclement weather closings
  • Twitter – @UGAOEP, @UGAAlert, @universityofga, @UGAEVENTS
  • Facebook – www.facebook.com/osepuga

During emergency situations, telephone lines will be congested, often impeding critical use by victims and emergency responders. Therefore, when emergency alerts are issued, you are encouraged to refrain from using your office or cell phone except to call for emergency assistance. For large-scale emergencies, updates will be posted on the UGA Website. Whenever possible, use email to communicate with relatives to alleviate concerns about your safety.

Download the ” UGA Emergency Notification Methods” flyer.