WeatherSTEM Twitter

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Twitter Personal Notifications

  1. Create or log into your Twitter Account.
  2. Once you have a Twitter Account, log into Twitter and go to:
  3. Create an application. In order to this, you will have to do the following:
    1. Name your application – You will need to come up with n unique name for this application. Twitter will not allow the use of ‘WeatherSTEM’ in this field.
    2. Give it a description – Describe the purpose of the
    3. Put the twitter account you want to use into the ‘Website’ Field. For example:
    4. Leave the ‘Callback URL’ field blank.
    5. Make sure to agree to the developer.
  4. Once you have completed creating a new application, you should be directed to the Application Manager Page and the page will default to the ‘Details’ tab.
  5. Select the ‘Keys and Access Tokens’ tab. This page will contain all of the information that will need to be copied over into the WeatherSTEM ‘Device’ Tab within the Personalization options.
  6. When you select ‘Keys and Access’, you will be automatically given the ‘Consumer’ Keys. You will have to scroll down on the page and select the button that asks to ‘Create Access Tokens’ for the other pieces you need in order to allow WeatherSTEM to post to your Twitter account.
  7. Once you have all of the keys and tokens, you will copy each code and paste it into the WeatherSTEM personalization tool. Be sure to click the save button associated with each token.
  8. After all of the tokens have been saved, click on ‘Confirm Device’. A pop-up window will appear; informing that WeatherSTEM will post a test message to the Twitter Account. Check to verify a message from WeatherSTEM posted to the Twitter account.